Sunday, March 18, 2007

Work day!!!!

Hello, Today we all worked in the yard some more. I was doing some more bushes, then I loaded everything on the lawnmower and drove it to the trash. we were outside almost all day. We also unloaded the bark dad bought yesterday. While I was working I listened to the life of Saint Patrick. When everything was done outside, I came in and sewed, then I made some coutains for my dollhouse. Then I gave Katrina a bath. Now we are waiting for our pizza to come. This picture is me and my best friend and cousin Destiny. We have been friends ever since I can remember. She is the one who is doing a duo with me. we both love to sew, right now we are making colonial style dresses fo fourth of July. We also made irish dresses and did an irish dance with it, that is a picture of it up top. Well I had better go, Ill write again tomorrow.

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