Sunday, March 18, 2007

A beautiful day

I forgot to write yesterday, so I will write about it today. I woke up I started to do more of my dollhouse. I finished staining it, then I put a runner on the stairs. After that I painted the trim in the music room. Then I got dressed and Me and my little brother Levi did a short duo, while mom went to get eggs for breakfast. After we all ate we went outside to work. I did some more bushes. When my little sister Katrina woke up, she ran to the door and wanted to go outside. She loves playing outside, especially playing with the basket ball. That is a picture of her when we went to Hawaii and the other one is me and her on her first birthday. She is a year and a half, she was born on September 11. Later mom left to go shopping with Kaila, and dad went to play golf. I stayed and watched the kids. We cleaned the house, then I made lunch. After lunch I made some bread. Then when everything was clean we watched finished The Patriot. when mom got home we all went out side before it got dark. We bought some bark so everyone was putting it everywhere. Then I came inside and made some curtains for my dollhouse.

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