Thursday, March 29, 2007

Card Playing Night!!!!

Here are some cute picture if Katrina when she was a baby.

After we did school, Tess and Drew Deems came over to play while Kaila went to apologetics class. Tess is Ellie's age, 11, and Drew is 7, but he likes playing with Levi. The girls and I played card games with Tess. Then they went in Ellie and Esther's room to play, and I did the computer. Around 6:00 Travis and Vickie came over, and Mrs. Deems came to pick up Tess and Drew. Vickie and me played cards until it was time for Dinner. After a delicious dinner, we all played Scattergories. Then we played a card game called hand and foot. It was lots of fun. We stayed up til 11:00 p.m playing. then they left, and we all went to bed.

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