Friday, March 16, 2007

Dollhouse decorating!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,
Today I did my school then I went outside and did some more yard work. After that me and Kolten practiced our duo, then I pact iced piano. Then I made bread in our bread machine. After that I was working on my doll house for a little while. I have a Victorian dollhouse, it has 5 bedrooms in it, a master bedroom, a baby girl room, a music room, a dinning room/kitchen, and a living room. I am decorating it Victorian, which looks really pretty. Today I was staining the floor and stairs so they are a dark cherry, and I put a runner on the stairs. This is a picture of my dollhouse up top. After I did that Kevin and Amy came over, they are going on date night with my dad and mom, and we are watching their kids Baylee, Brice, and Breanna. After we all ate we watched Rebbecca or Sunny Brook Farm. Now all the little ones are in bed and we are watching Patriot. Well I had better go so talk to you tomorrow.

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The Sisterhood said...

Hey Karissa! I love reading your blog. Keep posting!!!!

-Stephanie :)