Saturday, March 31, 2007


Destiny and Karissa
Mailee and Murren
Anna and Emma

Mercy, Esther, and Cassie.
Karissa, Anna, Emma, Cassie, Esther, Mailee, Murren, Abigail, Mercy, Ellie, Tessa, and Destiny
Ellie and Emma

These pics are us girls doing ballet. Destiny and me made them dresses and I made up a dance. We have done the dance at a few nursing homes. It was lots of fun.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Today we went to an elderly care home. We go there once a month with the Deems, we sing and one of the boys do a mini sermon. After that we went to the music store to pick up Kaila's guitar. When we got home I started sewing my dress. I am making a colonial dress. The Kruse's came over later for a little while. When they left we ate, and Devin stayed with us. After we are I sewed a little bit more then I cleaned the kitchen. The boys stayed up til 12:00 last night playing a game. Well here is a picture of my cousins, although there are 6 aren't there because they live in Washington. This Picture was taken last year so we look a little younger.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Card Playing Night!!!!

Here are some cute picture if Katrina when she was a baby.

After we did school, Tess and Drew Deems came over to play while Kaila went to apologetics class. Tess is Ellie's age, 11, and Drew is 7, but he likes playing with Levi. The girls and I played card games with Tess. Then they went in Ellie and Esther's room to play, and I did the computer. Around 6:00 Travis and Vickie came over, and Mrs. Deems came to pick up Tess and Drew. Vickie and me played cards until it was time for Dinner. After a delicious dinner, we all played Scattergories. Then we played a card game called hand and foot. It was lots of fun. We stayed up til 11:00 p.m playing. then they left, and we all went to bed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Speech Class!!

Hello, Today we did school, and when we were done I cleaned the kitchen. All of us kids have chores that we do, each week we rotate and this week I have kitchen. While I was cleaning a guy came and fixed our cable. We left for speech class around 5:45. When we got there Mrs. Sleadd did a speech on debate. Then lots of the kids did impromptu speeches. It was lots of fun to see everyone. Well that's all for today. This is a picture of some of the girls at speech club.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Music Lessons

After Kaila, Esther, and mom left for music lessons, I cleaned then I practiced piano then got ready to leave. These pictures were taken at our piano recital a couple years ago. we are going to do another one pretty soon. After we got back from lessons we left for Crown and Covenant. We stayed a little bit longer because the parents had to talk about some stuff. While they were talking us kids played card games. When we got home dad and mom went out with all the adults to Shojis. We cleaned and then watched the Ten Commandments. When the movie was over we all went to bed.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Shopping

Hello everyone,
Today we didn't have church because some of the kids were sick. We usually have church at 3:00. My dad is the preacher. We used to do it at our house but now we just got a building to have it in. I taught Kolten, Ellie, and Esther, how to play a card game I had learned, called Bluff. It was really fun, we played it quite a bit.Well we went shopping again because the girls had to take back their shirts. But this time all 5 of us girls went and the boys stayed home with dad. When we got home we watched the Nativity, which mom had just rented. Then we all went to bed. This picture is Levi pretending he is preaching, isn't he cute.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Shopping Day!!

Today I went shopping with mom around 11:30. First we went to a yard sale, and mom got a net thing to put over Ellie and Esther's bed. Then we went to ROSS. Mom got some clothes, and then we went to the Mall. Mom got some clothes and I got a sweater, we also got some shirts for Ellie and Esther. And we bought Katrina a couple outfits. Then we went to Fred Meyer. I bought a shirt and some sandals. We also bought some groceries. When we got home mom made dinner and us kids played cards. After we ate dinner Kolten and me did our duo. Then we all went to bed.

Friday, March 23, 2007

School Day

Today I woke up around 7:20. Drew came again at 7:30. Then I practiced Piano. I did some of my school then I cleaned because the midwife was coming over. We got to hear the heart beat of the baby, it was really neat to be able to hear it. After my school was done, I started typing Ellie's and my duo. We are doing it about Helen Keller. Dad and mom went on a date night, so I finished typing it out, while everyone else watched Star wars. Then me and Ellie started ton practice it. That is a puicture of me and Ellie. Well that all for today.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another beautiful day

Hi, Today I woke up around 7:00 a.m. Mummu was getting ready to leave, she had to go to work today so she had to leave early. She works at a nursing home in Eureka. When she was about ready to leave Drew came over, we are watching him during the day because his mom is on a trip to a speech tournament. After Mummu left we all ate breakfast. Drew is 7 years old, Levi loves to play with him, they always pretend they are spy's. After lunch dad did a class with us, first he taught us about John Hus, then we watched a video on him called The Reformation Overview. It talks about all the Reformers like Wycliffe, Luther, Hus, etc... Then dad took Kolten to his hammered dulcimer lessons. While everyone went on a walk I stayed and made a video on Katrina, its not done yet, but when it is I will post it. When dad got back with Kolten we all rode his quad for quite a while. Then we came in and ate dinner. This is a picture of my family. Mom said I have to go to bed, so I better go. Bye.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Hi everyone, Today we all ate and got dressed. Then we all did school while Mummu took Kolten for his birthday for breakfast. When he got back we all rode his quad. Then us girls got ready for ballet around 2:45. Then mom took us to ballet with Mummu. While I was waiting for Esther's class to be done, I watched Katrina and I looked at a ballet magazine. After our class was over we went home and rode Koltens quad for awhile. This is a picture of Levi riding the quad, isn't he cute.Then I came in and did my blog. Now we just got done with dinner, we had corn beef and cabbage, because we didn't have it on Saint Patricks day. While we were eating I told every one the story of Saint Patricks life, since I had read the and I just listened to it on Saint Patricks day. Now we are all going to watch Eragon, Kolten just bought it with his birthday money.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Birthday Party!!!!

Today, after we ate we all cleaned and got ready for the party.
Dad left to get a present, then mom and Mummu left to get some snacks for the party. I decorated then helped fix the snack tray. Vickie and Travis were here first around 12:45. Then dad got home, and right after he pulled up mom go here. When everyone got here we started soccer. One team was wearing white shirts, and the other was wearing colors. The white team won 2 to 1. It was lots of fun, I was goally most of the time, and I was on the white side. In the middle of the game Kaila got hurt really bad in the knee, and so we all decided to go inside. After that we ate snacks and then opened presents. When Kolten was all done opening the presents, we all went outside to see the last present. It was an ATV!!!!!!!!!!!! Kolten was so excited. Then we all ate cheesecake and pie (Kolten doesnt like cake.) After that while we were waiting for the dads to fix the quad, we started another game of soccer. Then we all got to ride the ATV. It was lots of fun. When everyone had left our family went to Olive Garden. Then we got home around 9:30. Then we all went to bed.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A busy day, and a birthday

Hello again, Well today is my brothers 13 birthday, we are having his party tomorrow.This is a picture of him. Today my sisters Kaila has guitar lessons, and my younger sister, Esther, has violin lessons. After they left for lessons with mom at 10:00 a.m, I stayed and watched my little sister Katrina. Then me and Ellie left for piano lessons. When we got home we went to Crown and Covenant, which is like a class we watch videos, like Marshal Foster and Francis Shaffer on how shall we then live, then we have a discussion about it. When we got home my grandma just arrived from Eureka California, she is here for my brothers birthday. We call her Mummu, because she is Finnish, and Mummu means grandma in Finnish. Then we all visited with her for awhile. Now we just finished dinner and I am typing on my blog. Well see you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Work day!!!!

Hello, Today we all worked in the yard some more. I was doing some more bushes, then I loaded everything on the lawnmower and drove it to the trash. we were outside almost all day. We also unloaded the bark dad bought yesterday. While I was working I listened to the life of Saint Patrick. When everything was done outside, I came in and sewed, then I made some coutains for my dollhouse. Then I gave Katrina a bath. Now we are waiting for our pizza to come. This picture is me and my best friend and cousin Destiny. We have been friends ever since I can remember. She is the one who is doing a duo with me. we both love to sew, right now we are making colonial style dresses fo fourth of July. We also made irish dresses and did an irish dance with it, that is a picture of it up top. Well I had better go, Ill write again tomorrow.

A beautiful day

I forgot to write yesterday, so I will write about it today. I woke up I started to do more of my dollhouse. I finished staining it, then I put a runner on the stairs. After that I painted the trim in the music room. Then I got dressed and Me and my little brother Levi did a short duo, while mom went to get eggs for breakfast. After we all ate we went outside to work. I did some more bushes. When my little sister Katrina woke up, she ran to the door and wanted to go outside. She loves playing outside, especially playing with the basket ball. That is a picture of her when we went to Hawaii and the other one is me and her on her first birthday. She is a year and a half, she was born on September 11. Later mom left to go shopping with Kaila, and dad went to play golf. I stayed and watched the kids. We cleaned the house, then I made lunch. After lunch I made some bread. Then when everything was clean we watched finished The Patriot. when mom got home we all went out side before it got dark. We bought some bark so everyone was putting it everywhere. Then I came inside and made some curtains for my dollhouse.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dollhouse decorating!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,
Today I did my school then I went outside and did some more yard work. After that me and Kolten practiced our duo, then I pact iced piano. Then I made bread in our bread machine. After that I was working on my doll house for a little while. I have a Victorian dollhouse, it has 5 bedrooms in it, a master bedroom, a baby girl room, a music room, a dinning room/kitchen, and a living room. I am decorating it Victorian, which looks really pretty. Today I was staining the floor and stairs so they are a dark cherry, and I put a runner on the stairs. This is a picture of my dollhouse up top. After I did that Kevin and Amy came over, they are going on date night with my dad and mom, and we are watching their kids Baylee, Brice, and Breanna. After we all ate we watched Rebbecca or Sunny Brook Farm. Now all the little ones are in bed and we are watching Patriot. Well I had better go so talk to you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yard Working Day

Hi, Today is a very beautiful sunny Thursday. I did my school then I went outside and did yard work. I was trimming the bushes, which took a long time. After that we went to pick up Kaila from apologetics. When we got home I started to do some more bushes, but Uncle Hugh came over to get some vitamins and he brought Devin. We played basketball for a little bit then he had to go, so did some more bushes then came inside, and now I am typing my blog. Well I am going to sew, so I had better go. Talk to you tomorrow, bye.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Sewing!!!!

Hello again,
Well today we went to Mrs Deems house around 10:20 a.m to sew some more. Yesterday we made 21 dresses, and today we made 34, there are 70 altogether( they had already made some.)
I went to ballet at 3:45. When we got home I made salad for dinner, and then Kevin and Amy came over, we are going to eat pretty soon so I had better go. Well see you tomorrow.

Sewing day!!!

Yesterday I went to Mrs Deems house around 10:00 to sew. We are making dresses to send to the orphans in the Philippines. The picture above are the dresses that we are making. We were there till 4:00 p.m. We took Destiny (she was sewing to) home with us so we can practice our duo before speech class. We practiced for a little bit then Destiny did my hair, and then we left for speech class. When we got back dad put on video of our speech tournament. Then we all went to bed.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My First Post

Hi, my name is Karissa Anneli Anderson.
I am 14 years old, I will be 15 in August. I am the second oldest of seven. I have 4 sisters, 2 brothers, and one on the way. My favorite things to do are: sew, knit, oil paint, play piano, ballet, decorate my dollhouse, scrapbook, and be with my family. I am in a speech club, it is lots of fun. I just went to a tournament yesterday, my best friend Destiny and me competed in a duo (which is a short skit and we cant touch or look at each other) and we got fifth place, and we get to go to regional's in Colorado! Our duo was about a girl on the Titanic who looses her father. I also play piano, I have played it for abou 3 years and enjoy it. Well thats a little bit about me.