Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another beautiful day

Hi, Today I woke up around 7:00 a.m. Mummu was getting ready to leave, she had to go to work today so she had to leave early. She works at a nursing home in Eureka. When she was about ready to leave Drew came over, we are watching him during the day because his mom is on a trip to a speech tournament. After Mummu left we all ate breakfast. Drew is 7 years old, Levi loves to play with him, they always pretend they are spy's. After lunch dad did a class with us, first he taught us about John Hus, then we watched a video on him called The Reformation Overview. It talks about all the Reformers like Wycliffe, Luther, Hus, etc... Then dad took Kolten to his hammered dulcimer lessons. While everyone went on a walk I stayed and made a video on Katrina, its not done yet, but when it is I will post it. When dad got back with Kolten we all rode his quad for quite a while. Then we came in and ate dinner. This is a picture of my family. Mom said I have to go to bed, so I better go. Bye.

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