Wednesday, August 29, 2007

~More Picture's ~

Esther, Levi, and Ellie

Levi and Ellie
Funny Face
She is so cute

Getting on the swing
Levi and Essy
Oh, isn't he just to cute.

Here are some pics I took a few days ago, with my camera. Aren't they all so cute?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

David's Birthday

Playing Tennis
David opening presents
Mercy and Esther
Destiny taking pics

Biblical Worldview Class

Kids Getting words of wisdom from Dad.
Ruth came to Worldview Class

Yesterday was Biblical Worldview Class. It was really good, we watched a video called 'The Ways of the wizards vs. the way of the Wise man." After that we went to the park for Davids 15th Birthday.We played tennis, I was with Uncle Hugh, and Destiny was with Alex. Uncle Hugh and I won, but not because of me, I am really bad at tennis. It was still lots of fun. I have been taking so many pics, I don't know which ones to post. Here are a few.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fish Hatchery Field Trip

It really stunk in some of the buildings
Destiny and Anna swinging Katrina
Liisa and Tami

There's Cassie.
Those pipes are what they released the fish out into the river.
These are the older Salmon
Looking at some Steel Heads (I'm not sure if thats how you spell it)

Destiny, me, and Kaila, with our huge sun glasses.

Trout, I'm not sure what type.
Some more trout
Looking at some trout
Katrina and DestinyEveryone eating
Uh oh!!!
All gone

The kids playing cards
Kaila waiting to go swimming

Hi everyone,
Yesterday we went on a field trip to the Fish Hatchery. I was so much fun, we got to learn about all the different types of fish, and where they go. After that we went to have a picnic at a park. Then we walked down to the river and all of us kids swam. It was fun, except the water was so dirty, and there were little fish and crawdads in it. Other than that, we had a blast!!! I took Allot of pics, so Ill post some more tomorrow, because these pics take so long to load. Well see ya later.