Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Destiny!!!

Wow, 15 years have gone by, and so fast, since the day Destiny Jane was born. I was thinking back, and it seems like throughout my whole life we have been best friends. I don't know what I would do without Destiny? She is such a kind, fun, encouraging, loving, and awesome lady.

Yesterday, at school, Destiny and I were talking through facial expressions, and then Dad said: "Girls, stop talking with your eyebrows, and get your questions done!" Yup, we pretty much have a whole language we can speak by looking at each other with expressions. We like to play it on Kaila, we give a face to each other, then we know what to say to her. Well that is just one way I realized how close of friends we have become.
When our Uncle John came up here, he asked me if I wanted to go out to eat by myself or with Destiny. Well of course I wanted to go with Destiny. Then the next day she told me he had asked her the same thing, and she said she wanted to go together too! We love doing pretty much everything together. Ever since we were little we would always call each other to see if we could match. Grandma took us to buy lots of matching clothes, so we would always match. We still do once in a while, just for old times, we have so much fun. We would also carry our dolls with us everywhere, and for our birthdays we would buy best friend lockets. I could go on and on with memories of our friendship, but I'll quit here.
I was looking for pics, and there are so many crazy pictures of us. But I will only post a few.

I am so blessed to have you Destiny for a friend, thanks for being there for me, and always being such a great friend. Happy 15th Birthday!!!