Thursday, June 5, 2008

Finaly, another Post!!

Heres the cutest baby, Noah!!

Kolten, Ellie, and Esther

Little Jeb (isn't he adorable?)

Hello all you Blogger's,
Wow, its been ages since I last posted. So much has happened since then, I'm not really sure what to post about? So I guess I'll just tell of whats been happening in the past few day's: A couple days ago, Dad took the boys out camping, so it was just us girls. They got home today, while I was painting. Today I painted a landscape oil painting. It isn't very good, but it was fun. I haven't done one for so long, and now that we have Omnibus off, I can do more things. Now we all have to go take singing lesson's pretty soon, so I had better rap it up. I have lots of new pics I've been taking, so Ill just post a few randomly. Okay, see ya later!!!