Monday, August 6, 2007

Noah Kaden Anderson!!!

Noah Kaden Anderson
Getting dressed
This is the hat I made, it was really huge on him

Hello everyone,
Sorry I havent posted for so long, I guess its because we've been so busy. Yesterday little Noah was born at 5:40 a.m, which you probbably already know from everyone elses blog. I'm a little late at posting. I am so excited to have a new baby brother. He is such a sweetie, and he is so adorabllllllle! He is such a sleepy head, he sleeps practically all day, and keeps mom up all night. Today I was holding him so mom could get some rest, then I had to change him, it was so different because he is so tiny, all of his clothes are huge on him. Well I had better go..... See ya


Destiny said...

He is so cute!!! So, you finally posted:) It was neat seeing you and Noah yesterday. See you on Sat. at the Deems.

Ginger said...

Karissa..I always love looking at your blog. The hat you made Noah is neat...did you knit or chrochet it? Noah sure is tiny but will grow up before you now it. Love Aunt Ginger

Karissa Anderson said...

Hi Aunt Ginger,
I knitted the hat for him before he was born. Maybe it will fit him in the winter.
Love you

Destiny said...

Wow, new look.... I think:) I really like the new picture, beautiful!!!