Wednesday, August 29, 2007

~More Picture's ~

Esther, Levi, and Ellie

Levi and Ellie
Funny Face
She is so cute

Getting on the swing
Levi and Essy
Oh, isn't he just to cute.

Here are some pics I took a few days ago, with my camera. Aren't they all so cute?


The Goldman Family said...

Very, very cute! They remind me of their Aunt Tami...HA
No, really they are very good pictures Karissa...good job!

Destiny said...

Those are really good pictures Kriss...

John said...

Hi Karissa: Thanks for the pictures. Love seeing all you guys. Great shots. Even in the shade, they came out clear. It was funny that you said Esther is so cute; we have a running bit where I say that she is soooo cute, and she tells me the same thing. But now, since you said it, it must be true only for her. Hope you are well and happy. Bet you are working really hard around the house and from taking care of the baby. Does your mom ever get the see her baby? LOL Take care and have fun. Love you.

Ginger said...

Nice pictures Karissa. You are really taking some nice poses of everyone. Uncle John and I both love looking at your blog. Have a wonderful week and know that you are loved. Aunt Ginger

Kaija said...

I can see you are loving your new camera. All the pictures are great. Where's pictures of Noah?
Love you

Anonymous said...

Great pics of you all. I love seeing them. Take care my sweets...

Kenny Anderson said...

Nice pictures from that nice camera I got you ;) Its nice being able to look at everyones pics while I'm in Portland and missing you all. Miss you and wish you could be here.

Love Dad

Devin said...

Awesome pics of them.

Destiny Jane said...

Kris you need to post!!!

Grandma of Many said...


You sure are taking great pictures. I love to see them and keep it up. I wish you would have been with us in Portland but I am sure you helped your Mom a lot.

Love you,

Grandma Dot