Tuesday, August 28, 2007

David's Birthday

Playing Tennis
David opening presents
Mercy and Esther
Destiny taking pics

Biblical Worldview Class

Kids Getting words of wisdom from Dad.
Ruth came to Worldview Class

Yesterday was Biblical Worldview Class. It was really good, we watched a video called 'The Ways of the wizards vs. the way of the Wise man." After that we went to the park for Davids 15th Birthday.We played tennis, I was with Uncle Hugh, and Destiny was with Alex. Uncle Hugh and I won, but not because of me, I am really bad at tennis. It was still lots of fun. I have been taking so many pics, I don't know which ones to post. Here are a few.


Destiny said...

Those are some good pictures!!!
-You know who???

King David said...

Thanks for coming to my party!


John said...

Hi: Interesting pictures. I liked the cookie. Very clever. Hope you are doing well. Any projects going on?

Kaija said...

Great pictures Karissa, I loved the orea cookie one the best.
Love ya

Karissa Anderson said...

Hi Uncle John,
Well not much, I just started making a scrapbook of our trip to Hawaii. See ya later.

Karissa Anderson said...

Hello Mummu,
Yeah thoses Oreo's were sure good...
Thank you for commenting on my blog. Love you

Ginger said...

I love chocolate so that oreo cookie looks mighty yummy! Looks like David had a great birthday and everyone had fun playing tennis. Keep practicing...love you. Aunt Ginger

Ruth Owen said...

...YIKES I am NOT photogenic! Oh well..:oP bleh. Well the party looked fun. Wish I could have come! ~Ruth~