Thursday, August 23, 2007


Katrina and Baylee running to the flowers
"Look at my flower."

Cassie and Esther
The kids drinking a smoothie
This is a little thing I made with clay

Some of our grapes
A pretty rose

Hello, Sorry I haven't posted for so long, we have been so busy lately. I got a new camera for my birthday, so I have been tasking allot of pics. Yesterday our parents had a meeting. The Mcmorrow's came and brought their kids. I took them outside and took a few pics. Also Cassie came with her parents. Her and Esther wore their capes and I took some pics. Well I better go, Bye


Destiny said...

Those are some really good pictures Karissa!!!

Anonymous said...

oh I just love your pics. That is what I told Kolten to take pics of the garden close up of the veggies. John Cloud will love your pics. I bet you love your camera and the pictures are so clear. You are the best Karissa and I love you...

Kenny's Favorite Nephew said...

Great Pics

Ginger said...

You take great pics. Loved the pic of Katrina and Noah...and the flowers are so colorful. Love you and miss you. Aunt Ginger

John said...

Hi Karissa: I love your pictures! Very nice. Your new camera takes some very clear pictures. You might have fun taking ordinary objects and turning them, moving them, or doing real close ups to make them look different. Then we could guess what they are. Great Pictures! Keep posting.

Grandma of Many said...


Great pictures with that new camera. Your Dad sure knew what to get you. I like that yellow rose.

Love you,

Grandma Dot

Destiny said...

don't forget to post the pictures from today... okay:)