Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Hi everyone, Today we all ate and got dressed. Then we all did school while Mummu took Kolten for his birthday for breakfast. When he got back we all rode his quad. Then us girls got ready for ballet around 2:45. Then mom took us to ballet with Mummu. While I was waiting for Esther's class to be done, I watched Katrina and I looked at a ballet magazine. After our class was over we went home and rode Koltens quad for awhile. This is a picture of Levi riding the quad, isn't he cute.Then I came in and did my blog. Now we just got done with dinner, we had corn beef and cabbage, because we didn't have it on Saint Patricks day. While we were eating I told every one the story of Saint Patricks life, since I had read the and I just listened to it on Saint Patricks day. Now we are all going to watch Eragon, Kolten just bought it with his birthday money.

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Aaron said...

I just found out about your blog and all the rest of your family's blogs. Great Work! Makes me want to do a blog. :)
I noticed you posted that you watched "Eragon". I've read the book and liked it. How is the Movie?