Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Birthday Party!!!!

Today, after we ate we all cleaned and got ready for the party.
Dad left to get a present, then mom and Mummu left to get some snacks for the party. I decorated then helped fix the snack tray. Vickie and Travis were here first around 12:45. Then dad got home, and right after he pulled up mom go here. When everyone got here we started soccer. One team was wearing white shirts, and the other was wearing colors. The white team won 2 to 1. It was lots of fun, I was goally most of the time, and I was on the white side. In the middle of the game Kaila got hurt really bad in the knee, and so we all decided to go inside. After that we ate snacks and then opened presents. When Kolten was all done opening the presents, we all went outside to see the last present. It was an ATV!!!!!!!!!!!! Kolten was so excited. Then we all ate cheesecake and pie (Kolten doesnt like cake.) After that while we were waiting for the dads to fix the quad, we started another game of soccer. Then we all got to ride the ATV. It was lots of fun. When everyone had left our family went to Olive Garden. Then we got home around 9:30. Then we all went to bed.

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