Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hello everyone!!
Well I just got back from Omnibus class. We only have to read the whole book of 1 Samuel for homework. So I got plenty of time, HeeHeee. Last night we went to speech class. It was lots of fun, Ellie and I did our duo for the first time. Even though I had just finished typing it that day. Everyone was laughing(mostly because we kept messing up.) Today I have been writing a speech on the stars. I want to get the outline done by this week. I took these pictures of the girls on Sunday. Aren't their dresses cute(Grandma bought them)

Mercy, Cassie, and Esther

Emma and Ellie

And beautiful Anna


Destiny Jane said...

Cute pictures Kris... see ya tomorrow:)

John said...

It was great to see all you girls. Did you know that Emily has the same exact dress that her mom bought her? Is that funny.

I still need all your families birthday dates and ages.

Grandma of Many said...

John, I have a list I can send you with the birthdays. Which dress did Emily have? Thanks Karissa for the pictures.

Grandma Dot

The Goldman Family said...

Very pretty! You two did a wonderful job on your speech, it was more like an impromptu...Ellie is so funny! It will be awesome I know! The story is great.
Love ya

Ginger said...

So pretty all of you are. Love all the pictures.