Monday, October 29, 2007


Here are a few more of the Model A

The kids like to dress up in wacky stuff that they find in the attic

The Redwoods

Hi again,
Well we saw the movie last night, it was pretty good. Then we all went to Home Town Buffet. When we got home we all played Nurts, its a card game. After that we played a board game called Beyond Balderdash. It is so much fun. Those pictures are some I took on the drive here. So they are kind of blurry. Well I have to go


Devin said...

I’m getting mad you are having a blast I wish I could be there. Oh well, say hi to dean. God bless


Karissa Anderson said...

HI Devin,
Well yes, we are having fun!! Sorry you are not here. Bye

Emma Kruse said...

It sure looks like you guys are having fun. Wish I could be there, but I'm not, so, oh well. Got to go. God bless.


Destiny Jane said...

Great pictures Kris... I also wish I was there with you... I have to stay here and do OMNIBUS!!! And it is absolutely horrible with out you! Well, not really.... heehee:D I still wish you were with us though:) Well, keep having fun! Oh, you got to see the Ten Commandments! No fair!!!
Your best friend,

Emma Kruse said...

Esther and Levi, look really funny.