Monday, July 2, 2007

An Update

Hi again,
We have been so busy, I have not been on the computer hardly at all. Well I'll give you a little update: Yesterday we went to church and our second cousins (The Turners) came also. They came from Phoenix Arizona on Saturday. There are six kids in their family. Tonight the West family is coming, and they are going to stay at our house. Last night our cousins(the Anderson's) came really late. They are the ones we went to visit in Washington. So we have been busy getting our house clean, which I should be doing right now. Oh yeah, we got our pool set up!!! And we got a really good new pump. Well I guess I had better go, see ya later.


Destiny Kruse said...

You just posted... didn't you. Funny that I could catch you:) Nice post.

John said...

Hi Karissa:

How are you? Thanks for your comments on my blog. What have you been up to? I will email you later. Hope you read your email. I would like to know what's going on in your life. My new blog picture shows how life is here!!!

Love and Miss You,

Uncle John