Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm Back!!!

Hello everyone,
Wow I have not posted for so long!!! Well we got our pool set up, and its soooo much fun. We have been swimming all the time, even though its been pretty cold. Yesterday Dad made us write a paper on prayer. So I worked on that allot, and I am finally done! A couple days ago Mom took me shopping with her, we went to get stuff for the baby. I cant believe Mom is due in a couple weeks. I am so excited, Mom has been getting ready these past few days. Right now I am watching Katrina while I blog. Well that's all that's been happening lately. So talk to ya later.


Ruth Owen said...

I can't wait till your mom has a baby!! You have to post pictures of it. Oh and wow I beat Destiny to posting on your blog lol.Well have fun! ~Ruth~

John said...

Hi Karissa:

Please get my email address from Destiny. I also sent you an email awile back but I guess you never got it, as I never received a reply. Would love to hear from you,

Uncle John

John said...

Hi Karissa,

Sent you email, but still haven't heard from you. Hope to soon.


Uncle John