Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Rehearsal

Hello everyone,
Well today we have been cleaning, because my Grandma is coming to see our recital. We call her Mummu, because that is Finnish for Grandma. Around 11:00 we went and did our dress rehearsal.
Right before we left our Uncle Ryan came!! He lives in Klamath Falls, and we haven't seen him for a long time. Well right now I am just typing, and I'm running out of things to say. Oh yeah, Ryan brought his new motorcycle!! I cant wait to ride it. The boys rode it while we were gone, and now Ryan and Ellie are playing chess. Oh I just heard them start the motorcycle, so see ya later.


Destiny Kruse said...

Sound's neat, I hope we can come to your recital!!!

Destiny Kruse said...
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Kaila Anderson said...

I am so jealous. Oh should be jealous of me :) I've been having a lot of fun and learning so much. Tell Ryan and Mummu hi for me. And take a pic of the bike :)
Love ya all!!
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Destiny Kruse said...

Karissa you did absolutely fantastic!!! You, in my opinion was the best up there. You did an awesome job at the recital:)

Destiny Kruse said...

Hey kris are you on right now?