Thursday, June 7, 2007


Katrina, isn't she cute!
Dad, Mom, and Katrina at Waimea Canyon

Our Hummer 3 we rented
A pretty pic of the ocean

Hi everyone, Well today I have been doing school and cleaning. Mostly I have been reading a book called The Tinkers Daughter. I started it last night , and I just finished it. It is about Mary Bunyan , the blind daughter of John Bunyan. It is a really good book. Anyways I am so glad our Internet is working, I can finally start to post more often. And I can put pictures on without waiting forever, Hooray!! Well I don't have any recent pics, so here are some of Dad Mom, Kaila, Katrina, and me, when we went to Kauai Hawaii a couple years ago. Got to go, so bye.


Devin Kruse said...

Hey nice to see you posting, well all see you on Sunday. God bless

Destiny Kruse said...

Karissa it's nice to see you post again,, heehee. JK:) I like the pics you posted, well see ya later.

Emma Kruse said...
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Destiny Kruse said...

I like the pic on you profile. I'm the Doll your holding, heehee:)

Liisa said...

Those pics are realy neet.
You are so nice.
God bless you.

Mercy Kruse said...

She sure is cute in that pic.