Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Trip

Well we got back from Washington around 8:00 last night. The trip was so much fun. We got to go see our cousins, and where we used to live, A.G.K ranch. We lived there when I was around 5 years old. We lived there with all our cousins. Now it is all weeded over, because the people who we sold it to didn't take good care of it. For Dad's birthday we went to a place and played poker and watched National Treasure. The Dad's shot guns and played pool. Then we ate and dad opened his presents. When we were at my cousins house we played on the trampoline allot, and we also got to ride their horse. One day we went to the park and then went to see Spiderman 3. On the way home we stopped at a waterfall, it was so beautiful. We also stayed at two motels on the way back, and in one we went swimming. Well I have to go eat so Ill do pics tomorrow, or after we eat.


Destiny Kruse said...

I cant wait to see the pics!!!

Destiny Kruse said...

What a pretty backround.

Karissa Anderson said...

Thanks Des,
Dad is making me a new header, but we are not done yet. And I cant put pics on unless I wait like an hour, because our computer is really slow. But I will keep trying. See you on Sunday.