Thursday, May 3, 2007

Birthday Party's

Well I have been kind of busy lately so I haven't been able to post.
Yesterday we woke up early and went to a planetarium, it was so cool to learn all about the stars. After that we came home and dropped the kids off. Mom and me went shopping for Kaila's party. We went to the mall and got her some stuff. Then we had to rush home, because we were late for the ice skating. We went ice skating for a while then we all went to Guadalajara for dinner. After everyone ate Kaila, Alex and William opened their presents. Kaila got a Martin guitar from Dad, Mom, Grandpa, and Grandma!!! She was so happy she started crying, and pretty soon all the moms started. Alex got a video camera, and William got practically all Cars stuff. Well that's all for now.


Destiny Kruse said...


Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...


I love your blog and all you put into it. Like I told Destiny, you and her have so many talents to count. You are so good at everything you put your mind to. I'm always wondering what you will get interested in next and be great at. You are a wonderful godly granddaughter that I am very proud of.


Grandma Dot